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As a local florist, Designs of the Times has served Brevard County for nearly 40 years with beautiful and creative flower arrangements. 

Buying flowers online may be convenient, but there are many great reasons to purchase from a local florist. You get the best of both worlds when you choose Designs of the Times. Our website has a convenient, easy-to-use website and online store as well as a local florist shop in Melbourne FL.

Why you should choose a local florist

Local Florist - Design of the TimesSeasonal Flowers - Flowers are living things. Like all living things, environmental factors impact their ability to survive and thrive. Flowers never last forever, but you can at least make sure they live as long as possible by choosing a local florist who knows which flowers are appropriate for the climate and season.

Healthier Flowers -  Even if you choose flowers that are in season locally, you want them to be fresh. Choosing a local florist will help you make sure your flowers are in full in-season bloom. This means they will smell better and look better. Flowers that are shipped from overseas by non-local companies are often chilled during storage which can cause premature wilting.

Personal Service and Recommendations - Flower arrangements are, or at least should be, a personal, thoughtful way to celebrate or remember someone. By using a local florist, you will have access to a floral expert who can help you make sure your arrangement is creative and special. In addition, you can actually visit a local shop and see the flowers in person. You can smell the flowers and view, in-person, the actual blossoms in your bouquet, rather than going by an online photo and hoping for the best.

Supporting Local Business - Local economies are greatly supported by small businesses in the area. Shopping locally stimulates the economy and encourages job growth. Not only will you have local access to the goods and services you are looking for, you will be contributing to the growth of your community at large. Especially in the case of something like a local florist, the ability to have a place you can actually visit to purchase your flowers is a huge advantage. 

Expert Local Florist

Designs of the Times is a local florist in Brevard County, committed to delivering beautiful and creative flower arrangements to all of our customers. Our focus is on creating memories for you and your family with exceptional flowers. Our family owned business practices professionalism without sacrificing the personal touch that is so essential to creating inspired floral designs. Our arrangements are thoughtful, artistic and unique. 

You can browse our exclusive designs on our website, but this is just a sample of all the options we have to offer. Whether you are celebrating, honoring a loved one or sending a “just because” bouquet, you can be sure Designs of the Times will help you express what words cannot. Take a look at our online store or visit one of our three locations in Melbourne, Palm Bay, and Merritt Island FL.