Sympathy Faq

What is appropriate to send to a funeral?
     Fresh flowers, plants, dish gardens, sprays, or baskets are all a very appropriate to send to the funeral.
     If I can only afford to spend $25.00 to $35.00, is there something I can send?
     We carry lovely dish gardens in ceramic designer containers starting at $25 to $100. We can also do a mixed basket arrangement of green and blooming plants.  Peace Lilies are also nice for the family and we have them for $25, $34, and $45.
     I only know the son, daughter, etc., is there some way I can address the card to them?
     You can address the card to anyone you prefer. We can make notes so that way the arrangement is sure to go to that a specific person.
     Is it alright to send brightly colored flowers for a funeral?
     Yes. Generally people choose flower colors based on the personality of the deceased and/or their favorite colors. Bright flowers can symbolize how energetic the deceased was. Colorful flowers also can symbolize how that person made you feel just knowing them and how happy they made you.
     If the service is at the church where are the flowers and plants delivered?
     It all depends. Sometimes the service is at the church, but the visitation is at the funeral home. We always call the funeral homes to verify where they would like the flowers and plants delivered. Sometimes the funeral home wants the arrangements and will take them to the church themselves.  Other times, the funeral home isn’t a part of the service and will want us to deliver the arrangement to the church. We always call to double check!
     Who orders the casket spray?
     Generally, if a casket spray is ordered, closest family members order it.
     What if the family doesn’t have much money, can I purchase a casket spray as my gift to the family instead of other styles of arrangements?
      If the family is ok with you ordering the casket spray, then it is ok, but make sure the family knows so your thoughtful intentions don’t step on anyone’s toes.
     Are ribbon streamers with writing on sympathy arrangements appropriate?
     Yes, a ribbon steamer is always a nice gesture to have on a funeral piece to symbolize the relationship you had with the deceased.
     I am part of a group. What are some suggestions?
     When groups, including different family members, other families, clubs, teammates, colleagues, or even just a group of friends go in together on flowers, the arrangement can be larger showing how much you cared for this person. It allows the family to know how much their loved one was appreciated. Make sure that if you are going in as a group that you include everyone’s name and possible address so the family knows who it came from. Funeral sprays and baskets are good to send as a group because you can pool together money to get a larger arrangement.
     I found out about the death after the funeral was over. What can I do?
     You can always send a floral arrangement to the home. This lets the family know that their friends have not forgotten. Some families may even prefer to receive flowers after the service once everything has calmed down. Sending flowers after the funeral also gives you a chance to write a personal note such as “We are thinking of you” as opposed to the generic funeral sayings like “With deepest sympathies”.

How will I know if my delivery was made to a funeral home?
     All Funeral Home deliveries are logged in the funeral home’s log book. We also always get a signature from someone at the funeral home and notate what time we delivered it.

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