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Flower Care Dry packed flowers often come out of their box looking a little tired and thirsty. They've had a long flight from the farms to your door. Once you give them some water and a bit of love they will perk right up. After you pick them up from our store there are three simple steps to prepare them for your special event: 1. Unpack the boxes immediately and remove any plastic wrapping. That plastic wrap holds in moisture and promotes mold growth. 2. Prepare your containers with at least 4-5 inches of clean water and flower food mixture before you begin processing the flowers. Keep in mind the blossoms are really thirsty and will drink up those first few sips of water quickly, so check the water level after a few hours and every day after that. Adding fresh water makes flowers happy. 3. To process your flowers fill a sink with water and place the bottom of the stem under water. Using a very sharp knife, scissors, or clippers, cut about a half-inch off the bottom of the stems and immediately place them in your prepared containers. Make sure to remove any leaves that fall below the water line before placing them in the container. You can now store your flowers in a cool location. We suggest no warmer than 76 degrees. Avoid placing them right in front of A/C vents or close to appliances that produce heat and definitely keep them out of direct sunlight.
Delivery Info In order to secure the best possible price we recommend placing your order at least 17-21 days in advance. Since the flowers will need to be processed and hydrated, we suggest a pick up date three days prior to your event. Remember, when you receive the flowers they will not be processed in any way. Your flowers are boxed and shipped directly from the farms. They will arrive looking thirsty and a little sleepy. This is normal. They will perk up once they are cut and get a nice drink of water! Flowers are living things so slight variations in color are to be expected. Even the resolution on your computer screen can impact the color you see when you place your order. This means it can be difficult to get a bloom to exactly match something else. When coordinating colors our designers recommend selecting a complimentary hue that is slightly lighter or darker than what you are trying to match. Flower selection and prices are based on availability and are subject to change due to weather and market conditions. In the event a substitution is necessary to ensure your flowers are received on time, we will make sure the blooms are as close as possible to your original flower choice even if it means substituting flowers of higher value. We will always inform you in this case. If we are unable to reach you, substitutions may be made without verbal confirmation.
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