Sympathy Etiquette

Funeral Flowers and Plant Etiquette

When a loved one passes away, knowing how to comfort those left behind is not easy and sending funeral flowers can sometimes be even more difficult. Trying to figure out what is appropriate to send in memory of the deceased can be difficult. Here are a few tips that may help it become a little easier.


For a funeral:

Sending floral baskets, living plants, or blooming plants is appropriate for anyone to send to the family’s home or workplace.

Family, Spouses, Relatives, and those who had a greater relationship with the deceased can send floral wreaths, crosses, and sprays or baskets to the funeral home or church.

Work Associations that would like to honour the deceased for their service during their lifetime can also send floral wreaths, crosses, sprays, and even plants.

Traditionally, immediate family members, children, and grandchildren of the deceased, show their sorrows with lid arrangements and casket covers. Floral tribute arrangements are generally chosen by good friends or family members.


For a cremation:

A tastefully designed floral tribute adds beauty to any type of memorial service.

It is common for the family to have an arrangement designed for display with the urn.

If a funeral or a memorial service is planned, then it appropriate for family and friends to have an arrangement at the location of the service. Sometimes, the family will chose not to have a service. In that case, then it is best to send something to the home.


Regarding green or flowering plant:

Depending on how well you knew the deceased, it may just be appropriate to send green and/or blooming plants. Colleagues and acquaintances typically will send a green or blooming plant. If you were not extremely close to the deceased, but would still like to show your regards, then it would be in your interest to send a plant.


Sending flowers as a group:

Funerals theses days are not cheap. They can get quite expensive. Everyone deserves flowers at their service and that can get expensive too.  Getting a group together to split financial resources for an arrangement is a very good idea! This tends to have a special impact on the family grieving. It shows them how much the deceased meant to you and how much you cared for them.








You missed the funeral:

Not everyone is able to be around during the funeral.  It could be a matter of living in another state and not having enough notice to fly or drive to the place of service, or it could just be that you don’t handle funerals well and choose not to go. It is perfectly OK to miss a funeral service. It is ok to send flowers to the family's home, as flowers are always a nice gesture and are much appreciated.

Some people choose to send flowers some time after the funeral. They choose to do this because a death in the family tends to be a little hectic at times for the family.

Some people send flowers to the home over a period of time after the funeral to remind the family that we are still thinking of them and their loss.


Experience Counts

Over the years we have acquired a lot of experience in providing funeral arrangements and are able to create a unique floral arrangement based on your needs and on the life of your loved one. We have a friendly well educated staff to offer excellent advice and guidance as to what flowers and arrangements to send to the funeral home or the home of the family. We are flexible in the delivery of your flowers and sensitive to the needs of the situation in terms of when, where and how the delivery will take place. We always call the funeral home to double check on times and dates of the services. Our job is to get your arrangement where it needs to be on time the day of the service. It is also our job to help make the floral picking process a breeze.

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